Due to the slow rate of OSRS gold XP at the beginning of your training Woodcutting is definitely worth taking into consideration the benefit of finishing quests in exchange for extra XP. In what phase of your training you choose to go through it is your choice, but it is strongly recommended to take on Monk's Friend as early as possible due to the extremely short length of quest compared with the XP rewarded.


Woodcutting Equipment


You will be using several different tiers of axes and must upgrade as quickly as you are able to when you unlock the higher tier as they speed up the rate of XP significantly. The levels for each Axe below.


It is worthwhile to mention that unlike the other axes in the market, the Dragon axe has a special attack which temporarily boosts the Woodcutting level by three. increase your XP rate. You can also transform your Dragon Axe into an Infernal weapon with a burning stone when you have 85 Firemaking. This will turn into your Dragon axe to an Infernal Axe that has a 33% chance to burn logs as they are cut, yielding 50 percent of the Firemaking exp of burning manually. You are able to burn logs with the Infernal an axe even though you do not have the level of Firemaking to burn manually, but this is only applicable to redwood logs. The Infernal axe will burn 5.000 logs before depleting into an Infernal Axe (uncharged) and functions identically to a Dragon axe.


Lumberjack Outfit


Like Mining's Prospector kit, and Fishing's Angler set it also comes with a great experience set that is designed for Woodcutting. But, the Lumberjack outfit is fast and straightforward to obtain. To obtain the outfit, you'll have to finish the quest in aid to the Myreque. The quest will award 2.000 exp in Attack, Strength and Defense, so unfortunately people who are not skillful or pure won't be qualified to obtain it. Lumberjack outfit. After finishing In Aid of the Myreque you'll be able take part in it in the Temple Trekking minigame. Items that speed up the process include: Graceful set as well as Morytania legs 2 or 3. but none of these are essential.


Strung Rabbit Foot


Another item less known that can be used when Woodcutting is the rabbit foot strung. It's an item that is inexpensive and boosts the probability of being able to find a bird's nest that has an egg or the ring instead of seeds. Bird eggs can be traded in during the Woodcutting guild to earn Prayer XP and the cheap OSRS gold chance at a piece of the Evil Chicken outfit. Not recommended for Ironmen because the seeds that drop from bird nests can be valuable as you train Woodcutting.