If we had released it WoTLK Classic Gold in 7.2 I'd say that it's likely to be a feeling that we didn't have enough time to play Nighthold. I'm sure there are plenty of guilds exploring certain bosses from the final tier If we'd waited for a longer time, it could be like we'd been trapped in Nighthold for too long. A raid tier may take a long time and lose your enthusiasm, and so separating these two elements has made it easier. This gives us a more time to take feedback into consideration and feel that people are responding to the game they're playing and then make content whenever it's a good fit.


With the size of 7.2 was Do you feel any extra pressure to produce more in the next patch? Do you feel you have the ability to focus solely on class modifications and other things you've come to anticipate from .5 patches in the first place?


I'm not sure if this is "pressure" which we experience. As WoW's development continues and our team has grown slightly bigger and our efficiency has probably also increased, and so you'll see that patches tend to become larger with time. However, this doesn't mean that every patch needs to be bigger than the one before it. 7.2.5 surely isn't the same as 7.2 however it wasn't intended to be. It's more of an opportunity to discover different parts of Azeroth which aren't linked with those in the Legion storyline. 7.2 was the story of the attack at Broken Shore. Broken Shore and the Legionfall campaign, which is very significant in the tale of Legion as they work alongside Illidan and fighting the Legion.


The storyline that's going on with 7.2.5 is a bit more timeless. It's a collaboration with Chromie but she's not even part of Dalaran. She's located in Wyrmrest located in Northrend So this material, along with the things we've seen from other patches, like those of the Brawlers Guild, aren't directly linked to Legion. It also means that they'll exist for a longer time, or at least be relevant for a long time. The chances are that you won't be playing the Legionfall campaign until one or two expansions down the road however, you'll be able to play the Chromie scenario, or play all of the holiday microgames, or similar.


What have the reactions on micro-holidays? I believe it's been six months since they've been launched. Do buy WoTLK Classic Gold you have plans to increase the number of them? Are there certain points at which you feel there are more than you need?