How can you acquire the your first in addition to the 2nd Lost Ark Gold Awakening Skills

Do you know how you can unlock the first or second Lost Ark Awakening Skills? Lost Ark Awakening Skills are the most powerful class skills your character can have, and unlocking them requires an extensive amount of time spent searching across the western region of Arkesia in dangerous terrain that present a serious challenge.

The first Awakening Skill is relatively straightforward to get, requiring you to complete an adventure line that is provided by Beatrice after finishing The main plot. The second is more involved and serves as an introduction to how Lost Ark's finale works. It involves taking players to different regions, unlocking new Chaos Dungeons, and putting your character's abilities to the test.

Making use of Awakening Skills effectively requires some thought about how you build your character. Many of these capabilities will push a character towards one particular type of specialty. In the case of Deadeye's Flare for instance, is compatible with the Enhanced Weapon Class Engraving, and an extended range build, while the Bard's Symphonia ability fits a more defence-focused build. Awakening Skills are only available once you've completed the game and require quite a amount of time and effort until then, which means players will have ample time to contemplate the best Awakening Skill you'd like to use.

The initial Awakening Skill questline will be accessible after you've completed the North Vern primary story-related quests, the ones linked to the quest to find the Arks. You should then start working on the skill quests that are marked in lighter blue. When you've completed a few them, Beatrice asks you to visit her in Trixion to give an opportunity to hear Trixion's Song of Trixion which you can use to travel there right away. You can talk to Beatrice to begin the first Awakening Skills questline.

After completing this questline, Beatrice should give you two books of skills. The first one contains the level 50 skill for your class and the second teaches you the first Awakening Skill. A few players have reported issues where they do not receive the books, and while the developers are aware of the issue and working on solutions, there may be a workaround. If you stop playing and restart it there's a chance that Beatrice will be able to give you the quest line again. The second time you finish it is likely to Cheap Lost Ark Gold grant you skill books.